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RD Event - Natsuno by AcerbusKeeper RD Event - Natsuno by AcerbusKeeper
Nate woke in the room, looking around and immediately terrified. It was dark, and who had taken him out? The albino whipped his head around to check for any other living thing, but found he wasn’t constrained….and he was alone. Or so he believed. And as he stood up and looked around he immediately realized there was someone else. His breath grew short and it was hard for him to breathe as his eyes took in the sight, making him tremble. Was this someone’s idea of a sick joke? Who was that….on the chair?

The person didn’t move or even make a sound as he moved as quietly as possible to the table, wondering if it was a trick. But the letter he found there made the blood in his veins freeze. “Greetings, Rabbit.” He read, knowing that the growing pit of dread in his heart wasn’t for naught. “I know you weren’t doing much, so how about we play a game! A game inside a game, haha-  kind of funny, right? I was getting bored just watching you run around- Its pretty damn simple. See that gun? 2 Options! 1. Shoot your friend and save everyone. 2. Don’t shoot them and everyone else dies. This should be interesting. MW.”

Nate gulped, looking back to the figure unmoving on the chair before turning back to the table, the glint of the gun catching his eye now. The albino felt his heart rate rise and pound in his chest like a drum and he almost felt like he was going to faint. It was beginning to scare him how much he was beginning to find it easier to kill people in self-defense...but like this? No….he…he couldn’t.  Who….who was it? “K-kou? Nao?” He said quietly, knowing that it couldn’t be Ray….no, he’d…..he’d killed her long ago at her request, and the memory now of her dying on the floor as he slit her jugular made him want to collapse to the floor and cry. But he was stronger than that. Surely, this was a joke by Mister Wolf. No one was moving….it…it was just a mannequin.

But as he approached it, taking the bag off the figure’s head and long, flowing brown locks crashed onto her shoulders he realized with a start. “K-Karen?” The girl seemed to be in a state of comatose, but when he leaned down and gently touched her cheek he could feel her warmth beneath his fingertips. “Karen?” He said again gently, this time the girl’s big brown eyes opened then closed, then half opened again to look at him. “Nathaniel?” She said in her quiet, sleepy voice; as if she should have been in her bed surrounded by her stuffed animals and pillows rather than this hell hole. “Oh….god….Karen…” He said as he fell to his knees before her, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Nate? What’s the matter? Where’s Mom? Where are we?” She looked at him with a concerned look before trying to move; letting out a quiet gasp of surprise and pain when she found she couldn’t. Even half asleep the panicked look was apparent on her face, and he quickly hugged her. “Shh….don’t move okay? I’m going to get you out of here.”

“N-Nate…I’m scared…what’s going on?” She cried out as she wiggled in his embrace, and a pained expression came to his face as he remembered the letter. Kill her, save everyone else. Don’t kill her, everyone dies. “I…I can’t…” He said as he let go of her, turning around to the table and picking up the gun and holding it in his hand as he tried to weigh the situation of what mattered to him most. Karen’s eyes became huge then, whatever drug that had been used on her wearing off quickly as she eyed the gun and let out a quiet squeak. “N…nate?”

“Karen….I…” As a soldier’s duty, he knew what his father would have likely done. Sacrifice one to save them all, even if that meant it was one of his dearest friends. But….his family? Could even his hard-set father do that? Perhaps, to him. By all means Nate was fully aware that he deserved it. But Karen….sweet, innocent Karen….she had done nothing wrong. Why..? He thought as he put his hands to his head, gun still in hand. “WHY?!” He yelled out to the room, beginning to hear Karen’s bubbling cry, and he turned to the door, trying to pull it open even though he knew it wouldn’t budge.

Even still, he clawed at the door until his fingernails became bloody, and his own panicked fear mixed overwhelmingly into silent tears that mirrored Karen’s beginning wails. “Nate! Don’t do this! Please!” She shrieked when he slowly got up from a sobbing pile by the door and walked over to her, a blank look in his eyes as he looked at the gun. “D-Daddy! Mommy….help…” Only the tiniest of flicker in his expression as he faced her seemed to tell the world what he was thinking before in blatant anger and disgust between the tears on his face he rose the gun to her head, and then above before pulling the trigger.

There was a loud bang, and in the wall a ways above her was a perfect bullet hole.  He collapsed to his knees. “…N…Nathaniel?” Her voice came quietly, and he broke down into an audible sob. “Are you happy?” He said shakily under his breath as he gripped the floor. He was a traitor. He betrayed everyone for his own blood. But…what did it matter? Most of the rabbits he had met were all crazy or suffering. Even his own friends in the game were starving just as much as he was and would be better off not being in this literal replica of some circle of hell. The proof was in his clothes after all….they’d once fit him perfectly, but were now falling off him. He was thinner than he should have been underneath.
“Are you happy Karen?” The albino said again, wanting it to be a mix of anger and genuine concern but it was nothing past hollow sorrow. “I…I’m scared...” Came her honest response, making the male laugh between his sobs as he wiped his eyes. “I’m sorry….But I would never let anything happen to you.” She nodded, eyes still wide and tears frozen with terror as Nate rose from the floor as if in a dream, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. Mister Wolf would keep his promise…wouldn’t he? But there was no bargaining from a mad man…there was only hope that he would deliver. “N-Nate! Don’t leave me! Where are you going? I’m scared!” She cried out, struggling in her bonds as he turned to walk away towards the door, which had somehow magically opened after his choice, but her outburst hurt his heart and he felt he had no choice but to turn around again and take her face in his bloody, dirty hands. “Shh….quiet Sakara. Be…a good girl, okay? Tell Mom and Dad….tell them I’m sorry.”

“S-sorry? What do you mean? Nate! W-where have you been? Why-“

“I have to go...” He said then. He couldn’t cry anymore, but the meeting with his sister had been precious…an angel of light to the game that made him feel strangely better and worse all at the same time as he left without another word. Even with her shrieks of fear and worry behind him, he ignored it and clenched his fists as he became aware of the pain that he had done to his body. He had…he had to hope that because he had played the game that the wolf would keep his promise. And not a step outside of the door, he felt his consciousness slip away from him again, making his vision swim and collapse face first to the floor. “Fuck…”

This picture is also the new picture on his app. *shot*

His hair is beginning to fade back to his brown grey, and he's been through a lot of shit. No surprise his clothes are torn, and of course, look at that lovely traitor mark.

 And as stated in the story (and is a bit apparent in the picture) Yes, he's been near starving. Food at the main place or not, he doesn't tend to go around there but when he does he sneaks what food is left from the other rabbits and shares it with those he trusts. He doesn't trust any other rabbit, so he simply avoids them due to a lot of things that have happened....being threatened for taking food and medical supplies even when they're provided even. But~ Tis the way of the world...the weak don't survive. Natsuno just isn't going to be the one to be called weak.
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